JULY 2017

Is is with genuine satisfaction that we inform you that the specific model is available to start the calculations for mass production.

This means that the investment companies that we work with may start to look into the cost of mass production and manufacture to begin offering the product to the worldwide clientele that is only waiting for those numbers to market and sell the product.

It seems fair to let you know that even thoug everythign is going smoothly, it is now more than ever, that we must keep a high level of caution, no details for now to avoid any risk of stopping the current progress.

Many efforts are beign made to make Puerto Rico the headquarters of it all, which would be very beneficial for the financial situation of the island. As you may see, there is a lot at stake and we are hopeful that this year we will enjoy the benefits our invention will bring.

As always, we thank you for your patience and understanding but we assure you the fruits will be worth the wait.
Thank you.

JUNE 2017

Just a note to inform that we will publish news about our project by the end of the month.

As always we thank you for your patience and positive thoughts. Good things are coming. Thank you


Greetings in the New Year, hoping that everyone enjoyed a happy holiday season. Continuing with our project in 2017, getting closer to our goal.
We continue working with the companies interested in our invention and due to the fact that it is so unique, laws have to be researched and created in order to protect the interests and management of licenses and the general manufacturing process, and not even mentioning the applications and usage.
Please continue the positive thoughts to continue in the good streak as up until now and soon to concrete our plans.
Thank You.

May 2016

Currently the inventor is preparing to move to Los Angeles, California, USA
Everything is planned for the beginning of June.
We have in place a group of personnel from an Engineering firm and a group of specialists in Electronics that will modify, along with the inventor, the electronic systems to have it ready to be presented for the licensing, manufacturing and investors interested.  This plan will proceed with the approval of the multimillionaire investors that we are working in Los Angeles, California.  As we mentioned before, they want the project for industries, business, homes, electronic equipment and more.  We will have at hand all resources necessary to finalize the task and obtain good financial results.
The inventor will keep us informed as the project develops.

God willing, this could be the year to see the fruit of our efforts.


It’s official, we are engaged with the group we were expecting, they are located in Los Angeles. The group has the means and resources to start massive production for the existing customers aligned. In conjuction with the inventor, they will be in charge of production, distribution and management of the invention.

It will be produced for home, vehicles and commercial and industrial companies as well.

The base of operations will be in Los Angeles. Right now we are finishing the Electric Golf Cart we have been working on to send it to Los Angeles for a special presentation.

The Project is moved to California due to the delicate situation in Puerto Rico.

We praise the Lord because this year we will see the fruits of the efforts of these past years.

Thank you for your constant support and we will keep you informed.


Since the party interested in signing with us returned from abroad we have been very busy reviewing term and conditions of the contract.

Soon we will disclose updates on the process because right now we still have a long way to revise documents with advisers and attorneys. This is the consequence of the conversations that now are in writing.

We ask for your patience because this is the most tedious part of the process. Then we will be sure to sign with a point of no return.

Thank you

JULY 2015

We are waiting for the group we are working with, who are currently in London tending previous business engagements.

As soon as they return we will meet with them to continue with the details they are requesting in order to proceed with the signing.

Thank you and let's continue with a positive attitude.

APRIL 2015

With much enthusiasm we notify that within the last hours we reached an agreement with the group we were most interested in.

We are going to prepare and finalize details to determine and notify the date of the signing, and we are hoping it will be as soon as possible.

This is the moment when we most need your support to successfully accomplish our goal. Our team’s sincere gratitude for your moral and emotional support is indubitable and we wish all efforts will be rewarded soon.


January 2015

We initiate the year by resuming the activities that due to the Holidays have been postponed until now, when the personnel in charge is restarting the regular schedule.

During the Holiday Break we had some visitors representing other interests, as well as the one that we already have and we are still waiting for them to ultimate details for signing. Of that new group, one of them already presented a contract and our attorneys are already studying it to start negotiating. Our doors will remain open to all options and we continue entertaining offers.

The best thing of this project is that it allows many possibilities and it provides us with the advantage to choose the more convenient ones.

It is my fervent wish that this year we reach our goal and I am counting with your support to attain it. We’ll keep sending updates.

Thank you

SEPT 2014

Greetings everyone. We are waiting for the company we are dealing with to ultimate details to proceed with the signing. There is an excellent channel of communication between both parties and we are well aware of the process, which is slow but we must allow enough room and time so they may complete the transaction.

We are sure to obtain excellent results, with God’s help and everyone’s work. We are at a very serious and delicate stage and we must remain calmed more than ever. We are just waiting for the date of the signature and we will notify to all in due time, we know we are very close.

Thanks you so much as always and many blessings to all.

Jorge Ortiz

JUNE 25 2014

We have good news this month. We will be signing with a very important company that has already invested in Puerto Rico about half billion dollars and still has pending projects in our island.

This company is associated with another company in the US that manufactures inverters that produce multimega watts. They are interested in our invention for the following reasons:

1) To manufacture the machines with our invention that we had mentioned before.
2) To support with our invention their existing systems.
3) To create a Lab where our invention is the base for other projects that not even in Europe have succeeded in this area of energy.

We know that this company is solid and has the monetary resources needed to finance the three points previously mentioned. At the moment we are just waiting for them to finalize the paperwork and the date of the signing. An important point we must mention is the fact that they will allow the inventor to retain rights over the invention and this is very important for all Puerto Rico.

Continue with your prayers and we thank you for allowing time, space and enough peace to the inventor so he may continue working for all of us in this project. We will continue updating the information as it comes.

JUNE 2014

We apologize for the delay in updating the information due to the great amount of work involved between engineers and attorneys. While the projects run their course, new projects are added, with a final goal that benefits all.

In two weeks we hope to share some very important news that our attorneys have conveyed to us in regards to one of the interested companies with whom we should soon reach an agreement.

Stay tuned as we will soon be in a position to announce our progress in our current processes.

We continue with a positive attitude and have faith in God, whom lights the path that will lead us to finish our mission.

Thank you

MARCH 2014

Our plans continue at full throttle. As we previously informed, we are dealing with several proposals. Everything is going well, however we cannot predict the time it takes for the attorneys to complete the deals. Though, we can give you a glimpse on a project that will develop faster than the rest, and it will be here in Puerto Rico. We are talking about an initial contract of 500 machines for commercial use which will also help us to assist with the actual high cost of energy in our country.

This first production will be funded with allocated funds to initiate what is being planned up until now. As this deal develops, we will inform you. In the meantime, the other proposals continue ahead and the moment we achieve any further negotiations, we will publish that information too.

Thank you


We would like to announce that we are dealing at this time with various proposals. There is no denying the amount of detail to be taken into account before reaching an agreement satisfactory to both parties. On the other hand, everyone has their own line of lawyers who deal with this case and depend on them to negotiate. They are not always fast and it is understood why many legal details have to be covered.

When we receive a letter of intent (document provided when a firm proposal and establishes the terms under which a contract will be signed), is the first phase of the negotiations. This is a process that takes time and does not depend on us alone. The important thing is that we remain in the negotiations and we have several alternatives now that we are negotiating licensing. As soon as we reach a suitable arrangement, we will advice.

Let's keep a positive mind and pray that everything works out as soon as possible. Thank you.


Greetings everyone,
We are currently revising details. We would like to announce that we will soon be in the position to offer updated news.

Thank you

JULY 2013

Greetings everyone,
We received the P L C system for the electronic switch. We will be working with it, programming, training, testing and data. Up until now everything is going well and the advising engineers are catching every detail and they integrate it, correct it or add it, according to the situation. It is indubitable the versatility of the invention and we know it will amaze the representatives of the various companies that will visit to check the progress obtained, because they are very interested. Once the installation of the P L C is completed, the next step will be to protect the invention with a security box and at this point we will begin the phase of contracts, and we hope it will be soon.

Once again the inventor sincerely thanks your patience and the opportunity to allow him to work quietly, because any distraction represents delays.

Thank you

APRIL 2013

Greetings everyone,
We are very satisfied with the progress obtained and for now we are waiting for some spare parts to be delivered to the engineers; once they complete their phase, the invention will continue to the manufacturers that will create the protective cage for the invention, as the companies in question have required.
We are one step closer to the phase of contracts and we hope you continue your support. Our team feels confident that soon, with God’s help, we’ll deliver the so long awaited news.

Thank you


We begin the new year with the announcement that the inventor has completed his phase of the prototype.

Now we depend on the engineering part for the final touch on the electronic systems (creating the automated control panel) and security (the enclosure to keep the secret safe) as well as the legal part (the non disclosure agreements), all to guarantee the optimum performance of our invention.

There are 4 engineers that have been supervising and supporting the inventor throughout this process. They are located in different towns in Puerto Rico and the inventor has made a tremendous effort to move around to meet with them and complete his part, as he did, right before year’s end.

The holidays extended the datelines. Again, we depend on them to complete the amount of work still pending and we are working with them to meet the demands of the companies involved so we may reach the phase of contracts soon.


Friends and Supporters,
To continue our mission to keep you informed, we can advance that we are completing the final step of the prototype we have been developing for the companies that will be using our invention in their projects and this way will begin the production of the first applications.
With this said, it will not be difficult to understand the amount of time spent in changes and adaptations demanded by the different authorities to make it more cost effective, even to improve electronic systems with new available technology, all this without mentioning delays on delivery of high technology equipment, developed exclusively for us. This technology also requires specialized training for specific installment and we had to prove all possibilities to meet the specifications and demands of the interested parties.
Once finalized this step, we wish they proceed with the signing of the contracts as soon as possible. In the mean time, the Barceloneta project continues, along with the one in California and others abroad. We hope all of it happens quickly.
The inventor want to express his gratitude to all those persons involved directly in the project who constantly contribute to speed up the project and more than anything provide peace of mind to the inventor so he may continue to work worry free and lead us all to obtain the benefits of his work.

We thank you for your prayers in this very special moment.


Esteemed Friends,
We continue moving forward and we are very enthusiastic because everything is going well, with God’s blessing. Beware that in the upcoming weeks we will be posting information about the latest events with our project, which have amazed everyone. The inventor asks that you continue with the goodwill you have shown until now because now, more than ever, we need those positive thoughts.

Thank you,
Jorge Ortiz


We continue with our project and everything is looking good as we mentioned before. Unfortunately, we do not have authorization to disclose specific information, but we wish to let you know that it is going according to the plans. As soon as they authorize us, we will publish more information.We take this opportunity to thank you for your support and understanding, as always, and rest assured that we are constantly working towards our goal to get there as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Jorge Ortiz

MAY 2012

A spokesperson from the group in charge of the various projects where our invention is involved notified us that at the end of July or beginning of August they will move to the new facility in Barcelonetas, PR, the former building of Pfizer.
At this point, all administrative processes will start for assembly and manufacturing the projects currently under contract, where our invention is actively included as part of renewable energy.
As soon as they allow it, we will provide the names and details of the projects. We are closer to our goal every day and we hope to continue with your support.
Thank you
Jorge Ortiz


The plan continues but before disclosing any details, we must be careful and wait for confirmation on some pending issues, so we will not provide inaccurate information.

It is well known that no corporation discloses information until the facts are consolidated.

We hope to be allowed to publish more details of the latest events. As usual, we appreciate your support and we thank you for your prayers.

April 2012

Among all tthe negotiations in progress during this period of time, we are included completely in the area of Renewable Energy. We wish to pinpoint that the consortium in the making to complete the deal, has European and American investments and it will move on to expand to Asia and Latin America. In accordance with the laws of Puerto Rico, all consortium must integrate public and private investors and the warranties and regulations that must be accomplished have taken big part of the time and after all is completed there will be jobs available for the people in the island.

As you realize, all this process takes time because of the organization and the amount of money involved is “billionaire” and requires, permits, financial warranties and the appropriate facilities to develop the project. Our invention is tied to all these processes and we want to bring to you the latest information, which may seem lengthy but in the end we know that once the requisites are completed, we will reach our final goal.

May the Grace of Jesus resurrected this Easter Sunday bestows blessings in all of us.


We continue with the multinational company that has already approved the Project in Puerto Rico. Once completed this phase of the project, we started the endless process of permits, documentation and clarification of clauses of the various documents and contracts that the government requires to allow us to continue this ambitious project.

Simultaneously, we are working with another project in California, where the film industry has shown great interest in our invention and we already had meetings with the team of engineers and designers to develop this part of the invention.

The Inventor has had to multiply and divide his time to attend to all these demands, which has left him with very little time to respond to phone calls or e-mails. His part is crucial because, even though some decisions are not his to make, his opinion is valued by all members of both projects.

We keep holding on and we work tirelessly in the hope to provide the best news as soon as possible.

Thank you


In a very important meeting we had in San Juan, Puerto Rico, we reached agreement with private enterprises that work with federal companies.

One of the agreements establishes that the licenses and applications will be developed from Puerto Rico. However, all doors will be open to future negotiations abroad.

The importance of this meeting and the negotiations of the agreements is that by the end of December or during the month of January we’ll be able to sign contracts that will enable us to decide the sale as such, of the applications and licenses faster, and obtain the benefits in a rapid manner. This is our main goal.

The meeting accounted for representatives and investors of the private sector with federal contacts, representatives of our team of negotiators, attorneys and engineers related to the different areas where the applications will be utilized.

Among the initial applications, there was a discussion about Solar Panels where out invention will be of vital importance to maintain the energy completely independent from any external source even if there is no sunlight. Also, it will be utilized for homes, cars, electric boats, hospitals, and much more. This entire plan will generate jobs and it all will improve the world’s financial situation.

The interest from Europe, South America and North America is notorious but the general headquarter will be in Puerto Rico, to our pride.

We are very close to reaching our objective and we take this opportunity to wish you well during this season of joy.


This is a month for thanksgiving and we appreciate those prayers and positive thoughts, because we know they work.

During this period we have been reviewing all the documentation presented to us by a multinational industry and we can inform you that we have a proposal that is being evaluated by the inventor, the representatives of the industry, our team of negotiators and the attorneys from both sides.  Also, we have a Memorandum of Understanding as our first negotiation that discusses the licensing for the applications of energy.

This is just one of the proposals that is on the way, because there others pending and we hope they become a reality soon.

The strategy is to protect the project from any limitations, that may stop other options for licensing.  We know our invention is allows for unlimited applications and it is precisely for this reason that we must be careful with this initial steps of negotiation.  We want you to take in consideration that we have 5 different grous that have to come to agreement.  What we are trying to say is that it is no longer in our hands to determine the time that this process will take due to the extremely large amount of documentation that must be reviewed.


Negotiations are moving at gigantic steps and we are receiving blessings constantly.

The feeling of the work team around the invention gets more amused every time because every demonstration of the capabilities of the machine, we are all surprised at how it surpasses the expectations. Just about the same can be said of the key people that have experienced the demonstration of our invention.

Up to date, the team of negociators faces the challenge to present and choose the best option, which we clarify to everyone, it ultimately depends on the final decision of the inventor.

Because there is so much at stake and the accepting process is so grand, (from financial to legal issues among others) it is now more than ever that we ask of all parties in reference to maintain positive thoughts and prayers because we are close to reaching a point with the team of negotiators, the various alternatives that will lead us to a successful outcome.

We have always appreciated your support and discretion and we thank you for the trust in our team that has been working incessantly for you.


We are glad to inform that we already selected the team that will represent our interests in the negotiation process. This team will pre select the information contained in the proposals and will define the most convenient of them. However, they will not proceed in any case without previously discussing the details or without previous consent of the inventor. We continue our efforts to bring to you the information we are able to disclose and we appreciate your understanding.

Thank you all,
Jorge Ortiz Nieves

JUNE 2011

It is with true enthusiasm that we inform you of the important moment we are experiencing in our project. We have decided a course of action with one of the interested companies. This multinational company wishes to prove our prototype in one of their facilities. For this purpose, we visited the area and inspected the possibilities; after careful consideration and detailed calculations, we are currently in the process of presenting a proposal. Once the proposal is accepted we will determine our next step. It is our wish that everything take place in God’s timing and it is undeniable that we have never stopped working to accomplish our goal.

It has not been easy to reach this point, but we will not stop because we know our product is unique in a market that every time demands more effectively the production of energy. Let’s keep our prayers and maybe we will break the good news.

Thank you all,
Jorge Ortiz Nieves

APRIL 2011

Greetings everyone during this Holy Week. We thank you for your patience during this time that we have not been able to provide detailed information but we must stress the importance to keep confidential because we are at a very crucial point.
We have created a very technical DVD and it has been well received among the different companies that saw it. Given the magnitude of what they see, we are currently receiving information on their specific needs energy wise, and these are the time consuming processes because we have to study the way we are going to present it without having to reveal details of our invention.
Each company gives us information on their energy expenses and our team of technicians must figure out the financial projections and profit they will receive with our invention.

As the customers they are, we must present a smart strategy so the negotiation process is favorable for both parties.

By providing you with this information, we hope that you continue your support to our project because we are at a very important stage and we feel very close to reaching our goals.


As of March 29, 2011 we will relocate our office in Ciudad Masso Calle 5 A1-18 in San Lorenzo, next to the Beauty.
Contact Number: (787) 736-5345
The Info Line (787) 364-2311 continues every Thursday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
You may also access our web page and/or write to us via e-mail

We will provide additional information regarding our progress in the coming weeks.

Georort Inc. is always grateful for your constant support to our project.


Hereby we wish to inform that this year we continue with the same plans we have been dealing with the last few months.

It is important to denote that this process is very delicate and it takes time, because trying to negotiate an agreement with multiple interested parties and to decide what system will work best and to come up with the options for the many uses of this invention is not an easy task. It takes dedication and special concentration to details, legal and technical.

If we stop to explain every step of the process, we’ll only be delaying the process. To provide the wrong information is not our priority.

There are some proposals and we have many expectations to meet, including demonstrations that the machine will support the rigorous tests it is submitted to at a variety of demands of control from different countries and geographical areas.

We continue to ask for patience. We assure you that we are working tirelessly and constantly in the project. Everything looks better every day and we trust that soon we may provide more concrete news.

Thank you all,
Jorge Ortiz Nieves


Greetings everyone in the New Year. During these past months we have been studying proposals and identifying the various needs of every contact and company interested in our project and we have made the decision to work with each one of them because all of them present a variety of energy needs which will allow us to work with licenses. There are also proposals to manufacture the invention and this represents another challenge and we must find the most effective way to satisfy each one of the interested parties.

We continue to depend on your prayers and cooperation. During these coming months we’ll leave a message with this same information for all those who do not have access to internet, we’ll be dedicating every minute to so we may concrete some work in the time ahead, concentrating efforts in advancing everything God is giving us.

Thank you everyone as always and we’ll continue ahead, with the help of god, our Lord.

Blessings to all,
Jorge Ortiz Nieves

“Start to do what is necessary, then what is possible and you will end up doing the impossible”
St Francis of Assisi


This has been a month to be grateful and give Thanks and feel the blessings that God bestows on us.

Our team continues to work with pride to follow with the pre set strategies.

We’ve been successful with the presentations and right now we have different alternatives in front of us and some of the people interested are requesting various prospects and we are studying the possibilities with which we’ll be working to see what we can do with them. With this information we just want to maintain your spirits up and to continue with positive thought throughout this time because for obvious reasons we must maintain discretion to the max.

Even though we cannot provide specific information about the transactions we are processing right now, we can say that everything is going well and we are convinced that everything goes according to God’s timing.

We continue to thank everyone for their understanding and we feel the continuous support of those who faithfully have come along with us.

Thank you all,
Jorge Ortiz Nieves


The activity during the month of October could be summarized in just one thought: It is imperative to choose the right people.

Among other activities, which we cannot provide information for now, we are pleased to announce that we have the professional team necessary to successfully complete our mission. Thursday’s phone line carries the same information disclosed here, specially for those who have no access to the internet.

I appreciate everyone who has left positive messages and we ask that you continue with that attitude because we know that it helps us firmly maintain our purpose.

Thank you,
Jorge Ortiz Nieves

SEPT 2010

During the month of September we completed the second test and it is with deep pride that I present to you the PROTOTYPE of the machine created to demonstrate what our invention is capable of doing.

Endless days and sleepless nights but finally we have accomplished our goal for the month and here are the results. The first and second tests produced excellent results and we are waiting for the comparative analysis but the main thing is that we are ready to show our invention to the whole world.

Now we are waiting for the group of finance and marketing for the final launching strategies.

I continue trusting in your goodwill because the promise continues and at this point the information I can provide is limited due to obvious circumstances. The important thing is that now we have the main source of demonstration which is the prototype created.

Also, we proudly announce that the patent pending is already on the internet in this Link:

We continue asking to keep your faith up because we hope this is the year we accomplish our final goal.

Thank you,
Jorge Ortiz Nieves